Big Game Hunting 101



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Never was the notion of explore, experience and evolve more clear to him than the day Fred stepped into the dark woods alone (at the tender age of 29) and embraced adventure over unqualified panic for the first time in his life. For an entitled, self-confessed five-star-resort-and-country-club snob, an elk hunting trip seemed unlikely – let alone three of them. But the evolution from an elitist with a wine list to an individual who discovers and embraces a profound love for the simple unspoiled outdoors is far deeper than exchanging a coat and tie for, inarguably, more comfortable camouflage. It is with great excitement, (read as: blissful ignorance and an unfamiliar absence of concierge and butler services) that he is plunged into a world of discomforting unknowns by his friend and hunting partner, Jon, who has lived more than a lifetime of outdoor experiences. Jon endeavors to pass along his fascination, skillset and love of the great outdoors to his friend – a true greenhorn.

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